June 29, 2012

Innovative Technologies in Food Safety:
Tracking Produce and Process

The second in a series on food safety issues in the agricultural sector, this Think Tank Session encouraged participants to discuss what technology solutions have worked, been dismissed, and should be re-considered.  The first part of this session reviewed what is working and what is not working, per the group’s input, in the area of tracking and traceability.  The group then heard from Mr. Peter Wong, Chief Technology Officer of TruTag Technologies, Inc. about an advanced silica-based form of microtagging.  Afterwards, the group refined its “Wish List” for technology-based solutions for track and tracing.  During the second part of the session Dr. Rudolph Darken, from the Naval Postgraduate School, presented cutting-edge technologies that could possibly be deployed in the agricultural arena, especially relative to food safety.  The session wrapped with the group delineating a Wish List for any technology solutions that could improve processes in the agricultural arena.  Most suggestions focused on the attainment, processing and management of important data for the farms and processing plants. 

Click here for complete session notes.

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